Language Consultancy

If you already have contents in Italian but you have doubts about their correctness and accuracy, consistency, style and tone of voice, this service is for you. I will help you find any weaknesses in your texts and improve them to let you reach your goals and your target audience.

What you get

  • STYLE AND TOV ASSESSMENT to understand whether they are appropriate for your brand or there is something you have to improve/change;
  • ORGANIZATION OF CONTENTS  in terms of priority and relevance, adding or removing information, if necessary.


“Thanks for the job you have done for me and my company till now, Adelina. I hope to involve you also in one of my group’s projects in London to be able to take advantage of your professionalism and the quality of your translations.”

– P. Ricca, Willis Group Holding, Plc

“Adelina is a great person to work with. She is very fast and reliable. Her translation skills are flawless!”

– Natalia, Berlin Capital Investments

“Adelina has carried out her duties with correctness and precision, meeting deadlines. She showed excellent interaction skills as well as attention and confidentiality.”

– Federico Perotto, G.P. Studio s.n.c.

“I like cooperation very much. I particularly appreciate the responsible approach to translations. It is not a machine translation; you ask and search to find the best solution for us. Thank you very much!”

– Ing. Jana Michalková, SOS Electronic s.r.o.


First, I will send you an email asking some questions about your expectations, your goals, your job and the reasons why you think you need my help. Your answers will help me to understand who you are, what is the personality behind your business as well as what and how you want to communicate to your target audience. Then, we will schedule a skype call where we will speak about your texts, any area of improvement and any further doubts you may have.

Finally, I will send you a summary of our conversation and a detailed report with some tips you can implement.

How much is it?

This service includes a Skype call, a pre-call assessment of your contents and a post-call summary with a detailed report. Price starts from 100€. You will receive a detailed not-binding quote within 48 hours from your request.


Revision + Language Consultancy

Choosing this package, you are assured you will get a comprehensive and accurate revision of your texts and contents and this should not be “another” thing to do by yourself. You can take the back seat and feel comfortable while I work on your texts. Tell me what you need.

Tell me about your project