Hi, I am Adelina.

I translate legal and technical documents for SMEs, professionals and individuals: with my work, I help them spread their message across in Italy to achieve their professional and personal goals, knocking down language barriers.

Since 2008, when I started my career as a freelance translator, I have figured out one thing: words are important and powerful, so it is vital to choose them wisely.

If we apply this concept to the purely commercial sphere, we will find out, as it has been shown, that when it comes to buy a product or a service 75% of users do not make purchase decisions unless the product description is in a language they can speak. This is particularly true if we consider Italians mastery of other languages, especially English. In fact, according to the last EF EPI annual report, Italy ranks 36 out of 100 countries analyzed: Italians have a medium-low mastery of English, especially commercial English.

Therefore, if you need to communicate with your Italian clients or you are struggling to strengthen your presence into the Italian market or if you need Italian documents for a new job or a new life in Italy, you have to speak your interlocutor’s language.

This is where I come in. I can help you communicate your brand, your values and information to grow your business in Italy and achieve your goals.

With the right words you will build a solid reputation in Italy, you will make a good impression on your potential clients or employers, enhance the way in which they perceive you, find the right partners for your brand.

My Values



 I always deliver high-quality translations. I am committed to find the right words that best describe your message and the meaning you want to communicate.



I love my job and I am committed to continuing professional development in order to always give my clients the best and up to date translation service.



I respect my clients and their documents and I know they respect my work, understand the value of time (both mine and theirs) and value individuals above all, as I do.

Why me

You want to work with an expert translation provider.

I am a qualified and highly trained translator. I have been working in the field since 2008 and I continue to train and update my knowledge constantly. Moreover, I am member of several associations related to the translation industry. This means that you are hiring a competent professional and that’s in my interest to help you meet your goals.

You want to win Italian clients and cannot risk miscommunication.

I know Italian language, people and culture so I can offer you the best solution for your best interests. Working with me, you are assured your message will be spread across without risking miscommunication, both towards your target customers and between you and me, your language service provider, because there are no intermediaries. In fact, when you are passing on the requirements for your project, you will be speaking directly with the person who is performing the work.

You need confidentiality. 

I value your privacy and ensure integrity and confidentiality. You are assured that the same person will handle your documents and you can sign a confidentiality agreement directly with me.

You need fast turnaround and on-time delivery.

Your translations will be delivered on time and you won’t delay your business goals.

You want to break into the Italian market.

Contents appropriately translated are more likely to persuade your potential customers that your business is more professional, credible and better than your competitors’. In other words, translation will bring you new sources of income and new profits.


“Thanks for the job you have done for me and my company till now, Adelina. I hope to involve you also in one of my group’s projects in London to be able to take advantage of your professionalism and the quality of your translations.”

– P. Ricca, Willis Group Holding, Plc

“Adelina is a great person to work with. She is very fast and reliable. Her translation skills are flawless!”

– Natalia, Berlin Capital Investments

“Adelina has carried out her duties with correctness and precision, meeting deadlines. She showed excellent interaction skills as well as attention and confidentiality.”

– Federico Perotto, G.P. Studio s.n.c.

“I like cooperation very much. I particularly appreciate the responsible approach to translations. It is not a machine translation; you ask and search to find the best solution for us. Thank you very much!”

– Ing. Jana Michalková, SOS Electronic s.r.o.

So, would you like to work with me?

Contact me and ask for a quote or just send me a message to ask for more information